New at C&D: Geosynthetics

We have been acting as a distribution partner to Naue GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading specialists in geosynthetics, since January 2018. We at C&D provide expert support and consultation, optimised offers and a high level of delivery reliability and speed to our customers in this area. We act as a distribution partner in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and parts of Lower Saxony. 

Our warehouse provisioning benefits our customers with flexibility and speed in meeting our customers' requirements for geosynthetics. Naue GmbH & Co. KG, produces cost-effective high-quality technical products for a wide variety of potential solutions that have stood the test of time.

Secutex® is a needle-punched staple fibre nonwoven geotextile for separation, filtration, protection and draining; some types are additionally calendered. Secutex® is multifunctional: Secutex® can be used in a variety of civil engineering applications such as hydraulic engineering, landfills, roadbuilding and tunnelling. Secutex® is used as a filter in drainage systems for earthworks to prevent perfusion of fine soil particles in soils with high dewatering capacity (some types are additionally calendered). Secutex® acts as a separation layer to keep individual strata from blending, preserving the function of backfill and base layers for substantially longer periods. Secutex® is also suitable for water drainage on geotextile layers in poor drainage conditions. High-weight nonwovens protect flexible membrane liners and pipes from mechanical damage.

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Terrafix® is a single-layer or multi-layer needle-punched nonwoven geotextile suitable for separation, filtration, protection and packaging. Terrafix® is multifunctional: Terrafix® is suitable for a multitude of applications – as a single or multi-layered nonwoven in sand ballast mats, tubes, sand containers, and scour protectors. Terrafix® nonwovens and sand ballast mats separate and filter for bed and slope stabilisation in hydraulic engineering. Terrafix® is water-permeable, retains the soil and allows effective root growth. Terrafix® as tubing is suitable for securing the bed in harbour basins, while Terrafix® sand containers protect coastal sand dunes and act as breakwaters. Terrafix® scour protectors can be found in bank revetments, and in flexible bed, scour and longitudinal and transverse earthworks stabilisation and protection.

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Secugrid® is a geogrid laid in monolithic extruded flat bars with welded nodes for soil reinforcement. Secugrid® is multifunctional: Secugrid® is used as a geogrid for base course reinforcement in roadbuilding on subsoil with low loadbearing capacity, reinforcing steep slopes and retaining walls, embankment foundation reinforcement, load transfer in pile foundations, sludge lagoon closures, and pipeline trenches covers and beds. 

Varying tensile strengths and uniaxial (R-geogrid) and biaxial (Q-geogrid) tensile forces ensure Secugrid® geogrid suitability for a varied range of solutions tailored to local conditions. The PET and PP raw materials used are suitable for a wide variety of environments. Combinations with separation and filtration nonwovens – Combigrid® – add new potential areas of application.

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Combigrid® is a composite laid geogrid with firmly welded bars and intermediate Secutex® nonwoven geotextile for reinforcing, separating and filtering applications. Combigrid® is multifunctional: Combigrid® combines various feature requirements in one product. Combigrid® is mainly used in applications on substrates with low loadbearing capacity requiring filtration and separation in addition to reinforcement. This is usually the case on substrates with a modulus of elasticity of 15 MN/m², or less, as the EV2 value. Combigrid® is ideal for reinforcing base courses, spread foundations, site roadways and pipeline trenches in any area of roadbuilding. Combigrid® is highly versatile.

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Bentofix® is a needle-punched geosynthetic clay liner consisting of geosynthetic layers encapsulating a layer of sodium bentonite for sealing, and is also known as bentonite matting. Bentofix® is multifunctional; its application areas include: sealing landfill beds and surfaces

  • Sealing rainwater retention, collection and storage basins
  • Structural waterproofing and sealing on dams and reservoirs
  • Sealing in waterways
  • Underwater linings
  • Sealing elements for groundwater protection

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Secudrain® is a composite of shear-resistant interconnected filter geotextiles and one drainage core, and is often referred to as drainage matting. Secudrain® is multifunctional: Secudrain® is used for large-scale water and gas drainage in landfill and road construction. The product is a protective, filtering and drainage mat in one, and has proved especially beneficial when laid directly above flexible membrane liners in landfills. Secudrain® is used for draining off high-pressure water, and is also suitable for drainage strips. Both the filter nonwovens and the drainage structure can be dimensioned according to the required drainage capacity and corresponding application. As an example, the German federal and state bridge and civil engineering committee (BMV Abt. StB) proposed drainage capacity calculations and criteria for the filter nonwoven in the WAS 7 drainage guideline. Secudrain® has also been successfully used in construction, tunnelling and roofing.

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