Changing the coolant in wind turbines

Regular oil changes are a matter of course for many of our customers. But what about the coolant? Coolant is subject to at least the same amount of load, and plays a vital role in your wind turbine. Inadequate cooling will lead to poor performance and, at worst, system failure. Coolant also undergoes degradation over time, which may eventually cause heat exchangers and coolers to clog. 

The coolant should be serviced every three to five years – and only by specialists such as those at C&D, of course. We have developed technology to be able to change coolant in wind turbines quickly and safely. Our vehicles also have specialised hoses and pump systems.

"Nothing works without proper cooling"

Coolant changes at a glance

Consultation and planning
  • Scheduling
  • Service and interval planning
  • Specialist consultation 
Coolant suction
  • Tank
  • Cooler
  • Heat exchanger
  • Proper flushing in soiled cooling systems
  • Cooler, pipeline, heat exchanger and hose flushing
Filter changes
  • Main flow filter change
  • Any additional filters
Transport and disposal
  • Coolant transport in original manufacturer containers
  • Coolant disposal with waste approval 
Inspection and documentation
  • Complete documentation on all activities
  • Compilation of a service report


Does C&D perform coolant changes on any type of wind turbine?

So far, we have changed the coolant on the following wind turbines: 

Vestas V 90 2MW Gridstreamer, V90 3 MW, Vestas V 112 

Ask us if your wind turbine is not listed here. We are positive that we will find a solution for you.

How much downtime does a coolant change need?

This depends on your system, and the services you commission us with. It normally takes around two to three hours to change the coolant in a V90 2MW Gridstreamer.

Our advanced technology, specially trained staff and many years of experience will, of course, save you valuable time compared to a manual coolant change.

How much time will elapse between an order and a coolant change?

We will usually not charge you for travel costs to and from your wind turbine as we aim to work efficiently and combine as many coolant changes at as many different customers as possible in one tour. We will usually deliver the service four to eight weeks after you place the order. Call us and arrange a fixed date with us if you require our services sooner; we will then charge you for travel costs.

Do we need to provide service staff on site during the coolant change?

We will not require your service staff to be present as long as we have access to your wind turbine. We will inform you before submitting an offer if we might be needing your service staff for more unusual wind turbines or services.

Can we provide the coolant or filter elements?

We always provide a complete package of services, logistics and coolant filter elements, so we cannot guarantee our coolant service for coolant products not provided by us. And: from our experience, a complete package costs less than the additional costs of provisioning by customers due to additional cost factors such as handling and shipping.

How often does coolant need to be changed?

Please refer to the corresponding maintenance and service contract with your equipment manufacturer, as these usually include the exact change intervals required. It is especially important to make sure that the maintenance intervals are actually kept to as specified. For a coolant change according to analysis, you will need to check whether the coolant is degraded, clogging up the cooler and heat exchanger. We at C&D also provide our expertise and qualified specialists for the purpose.

Why C&D?

  • Powerful specialised technology to ensure extremely short downtime periods while servicing wind turbines
  • Independent coolant changes without immediate service provider support
  • Execution on time
  • Fair terms and costing
  • Experience and expertise in a variety of wind turbine types
  • Procurement (coolant, filters)
  • Safe handling of waste coolant
  • Efficient scheduling and work organisation to minimise travel costs

„We are a vendor-agnostic service company, and as such, we have already completed a number of projects with C&D Ölservice in recent years. A very effective and uncomplicated service for all matters and issues in lubrication and oil changes.“

GFW GmbH & Co. KG

„WEB Windenergie AG has been benefiting from the expertise at C&D Ölservice GmbH since early 2017. We especially appreciate the independent working approach and excellent service as well as flexibility and efficiency at C&D. C&D rapidly advanced into one of our most valued partners. We consult on which of our wind turbines in Austria, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic are due for an oil change during the year, and C&D takes on the complete project from planning the oil purchase and change of the oil to professional disposal. We can thoroughly recommend C&D Ölservice from our positive experiences with them as a partner.“

WEB Windenergie AG

„We appreciate the many years of professional services throughout our working relationship with C&D Ölservice. Communication, planning, and coordination have been perfect. They know what they’re doing, they know our wind turbines and technical conditions.“

Michael Ludwig, Wind at Work GmbH